Penis Enlargement – how to get a bigger penis

Penis enlargement, also called penis enhancement is one of those issues that are much talked about but that somehow are never explained properly and that are never covered in their entirety. Here, we would like to give our viewpoint on this matter, trying to explain a few aspects of penis enlargement as a concept. For one, we would like to examine why so many men are interested in these procedures. Lern how to get a bigger penis. We would also like to see what makes penis enlargement so controversial and we would also like to mention a few methods and products and try to explain them in brief. Also we will cover what average penis length and average girth of a penis are looking like. And of course how to make your penis bigger!

What makes penis enlargement such a burning issue?

Penis size

First of all, we would like to take a theoretical look at what it is that drives men towards penis enlargement. What is the average girth of a penis? The truth is that this is not that difficult to explain and that there are numerous reasons why this is the case. The first reason is a very animalistic one and it has to do with the competitiveness of men that can easily be transferred to the size of the penis. Whether you want it or not, you are constantly comparing the size of your penis to those of other people, either directly or indirectly.

You are constantly figuring out the average size and how you fare and for the most part, we do not fare that well. This is another reason, the fact that nothing is ever enough when the length and the girth of the penis is in question. We all feel that we could benefit from an inch in length and a few in girth. We all want a penis that would make women gasp and stand in awe. We all feel that we would be bigger men if we had a bigger penis. We must also not forget the effect that women opinions have.

Nowadays, more than ever, women are admitting that they like a big penis and we cannot help but remember this whenever we think about our own piece of equipment. In short, it is no wonder why so many men consider penis enlargement. It is wonder we all aren’t.

The controversial aspect of this issue is perhaps even more pronounced and it has a lot to do with innumerable scams that have surrounded this industry and with numerable claims that turned out to be untruthful. And this is a huge problem because there are penis enlargement methods that work and that men need to be aware of. In fact, it is the spam-masters and the frauds that have given the industry a bad name, a name that it does not deserve for the best part. This is where we would like to tell you about a few methods that will work and that will show certain results.

Possible improvements

resultsThe first among these is the penis enlargement surgery which was initially meant to be just a treatment for certain ailments and conditions and that ended up being something of a cosmetic surgical procedure, giving men who can afford it an increase in size. There are however, a few downs to the entire idea and these are the price and the risks involved. Furthermore, the results are usually less than dramatic.

Penis supplements are another story as they are far more affordable and involve no risks, of course, provided that you go for reputable products. While most of these penis pills are meant to enhance your performance, there are those which can also contribute to the size of the penis, especially in the erect position. These pills mostly work by enhancing the flow of blood into the organ, thus making it larger when erect, which is when you want to have it bigger in the first place.

Another method that we would recommend are the penis extenders. These are devices whose initial design has been improved on and that have become the most popular way to increase the girth and the length of the male organ. These are also very safe and what is more important, they are exceptionally effective in enlarging the organ.

There are some more methods for penis enlargement, but as they are mostly ineffective and too risky, we do now wish to spend too much time talking about these.

Why does size matter?

penis enlargementPenis size is often equated with virility, prowess and sexual expertise. Some men want to be part of the equation and add length and width to their penis. There are safe and effective ways to do that without compromising health or virility. There are a number of products available that are an alternate to expensive and often risky and dangerous surgery. Keep in mind there are medical conditions that do warrant surgery and some of the other alternatives will not be effective.

The Internet is home to a number on cyber stores that provide any kind of male enhancement program imaginable. There are the programs that use supplements such as Semenax, Perforemr5, Male Extra and Vigrx Plus to do the job. They work to increase blood flow, semen volume, heightened sensation and sensitivity and sexual energy to bring greater pleasure to men and their partners of choice.

There are other methods that use a device that fits around the penis and stretches, pulls, inflates, deflates and causes friction to add length and width to a penis. The devices are either left in place for a specified duration or they are manipulated in order to achieve the desired results. The devices in addition to adding length and width add confidence to a man’s ability to satisfy his partner through increased sensation and harder erections.

The male enhancement products available use a variety of techniques to get the job done. The choice of methods is mostly personal preference, but before choosing one be sure to decide the criteria for the program of choice. The reasons are as many as there are men who choose to enlarge their penis.

Most men are looking for methods that are safe but effective. If supplements are involved they want to know the pills are made of natural ingredients to avoid unwanted side effects that may compromise future health. If a device is involved, men want one that is safe and will not damage their pride and joy. Using a method that is not safe is defeating the purpose of undertaking an enhancement project.

Men who enlargement their penis, even by a half inch, report they experience renewed vim and vigor in the bedroom and enhanced prowess between the sheets. It gives them the confidence they lost or didn’t have in the first place and their sexual satisfaction is heightened when they satisfy their partner better than ever.

How do you correctly measure the penis size?

The most precise measurement of human penis size can be stemmed from a number of readings at various times considering that there is natural small irregularity in size relying on arousal level, time of day, space temperature level, frequency of sex, and dependability of measurement. When compared with other primates, consisting of big examples such as the gorilla, the human penis is thickest, both in outright terms and relative to the remainder of the body.

Measurements differ, with research studies that count on self-measurement reporting a substantially greater typical than those with a health expert measuring. Since 2015, a methodical evaluation of the very best research study to this day on the subject has actually concluded that the mean length of an erect human penis is roughly 13.12 ± 1.66 cm. Drooping penis length is typically a bad predictor of erect length.

The majority of human penis development happens in between infancy and the age of 5, and in between about one year after the start of adolescence and, at most current, roughly 17 years of age.

A statistically substantial connection in between penis size and the size of other body parts has actually not been discovered in research study. Some ecological consider addition to genes, such as the existence of endocrine disruptors, can impact penis development. An adult penis with an erect length of less than 7 cm, however otherwise formed usually, is described in medication as a micropenis.

Penis size is favorably associated with increasing testosterone levels throughout adolescence. After the age of puberty, administration of testosterone is not capable of impacting penis size, and androgen shortage in adult guys just results in a little reduction in size. Development hormonal agent and insulin-like development element 1 are likewise associated with penis size, with shortage (such as that observed in development hormonal agent shortage or Laron syndrome) at important developmental phases having the prospective to lead to micropenis.

Penis Enlargement F.A.Q.

  1. What are penis extenders?

Penis extenders are one of the most effective and one of the safest penis enlargement options that you can get here in the USA. These devices are worn around the belt and they provide traction to the penis, thus resulting in permanent enlargement. They are perfectly safe and they require time to show results, but they inevitably do, dramatic results at that.

  1. Are there penis enlargement solutions that work?

Of course there are. There are currently three penis enlargement options that we can think of that will provide you with the results. Some penis supplements can provide a temporary and a permanent enlargement of the penis while penis surgery and penis extenders definitely make this happen in almost 100% of cases. It is important to point out, however, that not all supplements work and that there are more and less effective penis extenders. Finally, you need to be careful about practices which can be detrimental to the health of your penis, such as clamping or penis pumps.

  1. Where is it best to buy penis enlargement products in the USA?

This is an answer that could fit any other country in the world, as well as USA. The answer, namely, is buying these products online. This way, you are in touch directly with the manufacturer, you can ask them anything that you’d like and you will also be getting the absolute best deals on the products you are interested in. Keep in mind that shipping to Australia can take somewhat longer than for other parts of the world. The good thing is that you will have your product(s) delivered to your address and in shortest time span possible.

  1. Are there knock-offs on the market for penis enlargement products?

Yes there are. There are quite a few companies and manufacturers that sell cheap knock-offs that are nowhere near as good as the original products and that can provide you with a world of troubles. This is why you need to be extra careful when researching your penis enlargement products and especially when you are buying them.

What are average Penis sizes?

Penis enlargement has always been and will always remain one of those things that most men at least think about from time to time while for many this becomes a reality as they search for a method or a product that will finally provide them with the penis size they always dreamed of. Here, we would like to talk about a few penis enlargement methods that are available to American men and that might actually help them achieve that increase in length and girth that they have been looking for.

Penis enlargement methods

We would like to start by pointing out to a few methods and products that are in no way recommended. The first of these is clamping. It is a method through which the penis is bound at the base, cutting off the blood supply after getting the penis erect, thus supposedly causing it to grow over time. This practice has not only been found to be inefficient, but it has also been described by experts as being the most likely to produce catastrophic damage to the penis. You read it right, catastrophic damage to the penis. There are other practices that we would not recommend such as intensive penis exercises and the use of penis pumps to enlarge the penis. These are simply too risky to indulge in and these can result in severe damage and injury to the male organ. They are also mostly totally ineffective.

Now that we have covered the ones that we would not recommend, there are a few practices that are far better and that should be considered by men looking for penis enlargement. The first of these is penis enlargement surgery. It may be invasive and it may be very risky, but the fact is that the surgery will produce results in almost 100% of cases. The results may not be that dramatic, but they will be there and you will have something to show for it.

As we have said, it is the most invasive, by far, of these methods and it involves risks that usually go with surgery, such as the risks of anesthesia and of bleeding and healing issues. We must also mention the price which is just too steep for most people. The price of this surgery goes up to more than $10,000 and none of it will be taken care of by the insurance, unless it is deemed a medical necessity, which is rarely the case.

Then, there are the various natural penis enlargement supplements that have also garnered quite popularity over the last years, in the USA as well as in the rest of the world. It needs to be said that these supplements are for the most part meant to be enhancers of the performance in the bedroom more than penis enlargement products, but there is an obvious increase in the size of the erect penis when these are taken, which is when you want a bigger penis. There are some of these that may bring about a permanent increase in the size, although for this to happen, you would need to use these for a long time and to also do some light penis exercises.

Our final recommendation, and in our opinion the superior method these days are penis extender devices. They use traction in order to produce a continuous stretching force on the penis, thus resulting in the extension of the organ. These are devices which will take the longest to work, but they do produce results that cannot be matched by anything else. You can gain up to two inches in length and a lot in girth as well. When you combine this with a relatively small price and the absolute safety of these devices, it is clear why we think of these as superior solutions for penis enlargement.